We are all chasing a mirage. The desires that are out of our reach. We close our eyes and imagine that someday this mirage will turn into reality. But it is never to be because it is a mirage right? Illusion. But what if all of those desires do come true. What if?

Just some random thought. But really, what if?

And when I was ruminating on this word I came across these beautiful poems.

Mirage by Amy Lowell

How is it that, being gone, you fill my days,
And all the long nights are made glad by thee?
No loneliness is this, nor misery,
But great content that these should be the ways
Whereby the Fancy, dreaming as she strays,
Makes bright and present what she would would be.
And who shall say if the reality
Is not with dreams so pregnant. For delays
And hindrances may bar the wished-for end;
A thousand misconceptions may prevent
Our souls from coming near enough to blend;
Let me but think we have the same intent,
That each one needs to call the other, “friend!”
It may be vain illusion. I’m content.

Here’s another by my friend @iam_asoul (@asoulfulpoet)

“अब सराबों सी है मौत ये ज़िन्दगी
कांच सा ज़ब्त है, वस्ल की तिश्नगी,

गोया है दर्द-ए-दिल इक सिला-ए-वफ़ा
यानी यूँ होता है अंजाम-ए-बन्दगी…!!”

“This whole life is a mirage of death,
Self-control is as delicate as thin glass,
Yet, I yearn to be with my beloved,
And if this heartache is a gift of love,
Then I accept the consequences
Of reverence and devotion…!!”

Question – If you could date a celebrity who would you date?

@booxoul thank you for always having my back and being the mirage buster I need. She gives me an earful whenever I incline slightly more towards romanticism 🙈

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