Financial fulfilment and a materialistic way of modern Man have given rise to certain realizations and revelations the World over. He is now very much aware that material aspirations can only so much as fulfil his desires, and wants to expand, as much as possible. This is because his true identity is that of expansiveness. He does not begin anywhere, nor does he end anywhere. Mysticism and the search for Truth has therefore begun to be seen as a way of understanding life that throbs within him. Finally, after all these years that were marked by wars, battles and oppression, he longs to know who he is, where he has come from, what is to become of the World when he leaves it! He has only begun to ask these questions, and that is a huge shift of consciousness that is being experienced, globally. Never before has spirituality and the need for it, been felt so intensely.

Unbecoming, is my personal journey, of my own struggles with life. Little did I know that I actually had been fighting with my own self. Coming to terms with my sexuality, living my dreams, and eventually becoming the person I was always meant to be, has been a long tiring path that I have had to go through. Moreover, I had nobody to look towards for support and guidance. I had, however many unseen Beings that helped, assisted and guided me gently along the path. This book chronicles my life as a young boy, completely innocent in the ways of the harsh world, then as a young woman, who was still trying to figure things out for herself, and preferred to learn lessons in small doses, and finally the metamorphosis into a great new Being, that received immense clarity over life, not just his own, but collectively.

This book takes you through my struggles of suffering from gender identity or gender-dysphoria commonly known as transgender disorder, to the life changing surgery and eventually the life altering spiritual awakening experience after a failed marriage. It shows how through spirituality, I regained my lost purpose in life. For many years, I had chosen to put my gifts, and intuitive abilities to rest, forever. I wanted a normal life – the one that everyone else around me found joy in. I had always known that Reiki and Spirituality, would ignite that spark within, the spark being the thirst to know who I really was, why I had come here, who we are, why we were here, why it was only us, why things looked and felt the way they did? I had numerous other such questions within, that had remained unanswered for many years. Sadly, I had met nobody that could answer those questions, not until 2002, when I was initiated into the ancient science and art of healing – Reiki. The word had instantly struck a chord deep within the void of my soul, as if I had known about it from another lifetime. Soon, Reiki became my way of life, until I felt that I wanted to live a normal life like others. I would always compare their life to mine, and so I wished for a man in my life, to complete the woman that I always felt I was, from within. Relationships soon I found to be a series of failures, and then I questioned as to why I could never have a normal life. What had I done to deserve such a life, where I had nobody who could love me, truly, for the person I was? I was not deterred by this, and so I chose to fight with my failures. Trying to fight with oneself I realized much later, seemed as though it was quite a tortuous battle that will never end.

I thought I had found my true love when I met my husband, and when the marriage failed, I was on the streets, literally until divine intervention happened, which completely changed my life, and I grew into this Light Being with an endless possibility. Certainly, I am still growing and realizing my spiritual truth each day, however it has brought me to a point in my life where I feel the need to share my story, with the rest of the world. People must embrace who they are, despite their imperfections and learn to love themselves. Self-Love and Care is most essential for a person’s growth, without which really, they are not living life to it’s true potential. I talk about my family, friends, gurus, teachers and everyone significant in my life, and their contribution in it. Certainly, I would not be writing this book, had it not been for the roles they had played in my life.

This book also talks about my struggle with my gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance and other intuitive abilities, which actually made me wonder – why me? Why could I not be like the others? Why did I have to have these gifts? Why was it that only I could see the presence of my dead neighbour? Why was it nobody else saw the way I viewed life? Was I wrong, or was everyone around wrong? I had struggled with these thoughts growing up, and I had to fight out of this all by myself, and I did. It was as if I was alone in this world, all by myself, and that was certainly scary for a 5-year-old. I am now emerging as the consciousness I was meant to, as nature intended. After being a Spiritual Teacher for over 2 years now, in Trivandrum, I have been guided to write this book, from start to end, patiently by my Spiritual Beings and Masters that always guide and assist me in tasks meant for global transformation.

My book takes you through fears involving the world ending, and pandemics, and other natural calamities doing the rounds, globally. I have written reasons for these, and what we must all learn from them.

As I have mentioned, this is not meant to be a quick read, and one must work thoroughly before actually expecting huge shifts in life.

One should be ready to work on themselves, throughly before considering walking the path of Spirituality. It is not easy!