Planet of Troy – The journey of Amiel Sander by D. G. Bonnie happens to be my first scifi read. I am not much into scifi so I dived into this book hoping to be surprised.

The book follows the life of a teenager Amiel Sander. He is on a mission to reinstate the reputation of his father. His father was abducted but his name was maligned in a conspiracy. Amiel wants to find out who was behind this conspiracy and sets out on his quest. The story is set on a different planet called Troy.

The author weaves a parallel universe which comprises of planets like Troy, Cursia, Halo etc. The ambiance of these planets is brought to life by describing the Flora and Fauna of these planets at regular interval. We have planet of Troy where our hero is and then there is planet of Cursia which is conspiring an attack on Troy.

The plot of the novel was convincing enough but what I felt was that when the author speaks of Troy or Cursian army the scenes usually seem to revolve around one place. Since we are talking about planets this narrowing the army to one region felt like a battle between two countries rather than planets. The book has multiple characters and so an index with character names would have helped in my view. As mentioned earlier I loved the way author brings out the ambiance of the planets and I fell in love with the concept of battlebikes. It was unique to me. The underlying love triangle made little sense to me at the beginning of the story but the author brought it to culmination quite well. What really stole my heart was the way character of Arlyn expresses her love for Amiel.

Overall, this book had enough suspense, drama and thrill to keep me hooked.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐.5
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