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I have been a reader all my life. But my reading addiction truly began post my father’s demise. My mind was muddled. I had delivered a baby and she was only 6 days old when my father left us. This was too much to handle for me. I didn’t have a clue where to turn to and how to restart this life. I had to pick myself up and get started because I had a baby on my lap who wanted me, needed me. Her cries became my strength, it was like my baby was asking me to stand strong and not give up. With this emotional upheaval came depression and bouts of insomnia. I was frustrated initially. I had no idea how to deal with all of that. I would smile for the world but I was broken from within. I wanted to get back. Bounce back. But how? And then it all dawned on me. Books. When no one held my hand, my baby and my books embraced me. I turned my insomnia into productive time by reading all night and then penning the reviews. I switched my personal Instagram account into a bookstagram account. Soon I was approached by authors and publishers and I am growing brick by brick. Right now I have 7k followers on Instagram and I am amongst top 100 book bloggers of India. Books gave me what no human could.⁣
An anecdote from the life of- Siddhi Palande (@book_gobbler )⁣
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