3 boons give and take by B. Manjula Rao was a light read that is perfect if you wish to start reading.

The book follows the story of Sid. He is an investment banker who has worked tirelessly and become the VP of the company. A while ago, Sid had a career and an impending wedding to look forward to but soon all hell breaks loose. When he is expecting yet another promotion, his shrewd colleague steals the show. His engagement is broken, he quits his job and drives aimlessly on the streets of Mumbai. His car breaks down at a deserted junction and suddenly he meets God’s messenger. And together, he and Dhootji (the messenger) set out to change the world.

The book is a short read and is fast paced. The events that take place in Sid’s life quickly get the readers involved. The writing is lucid and narrative is linear. The story has a simple plot, it is narrated simplistically but it carries a humongous message.

The fact that author gets the mystical element like a messenger of God involved to show us our folly is a winner here. She brings us face to face with the crude reality of our times and the solutions given to our problems, makes one think. Can you imagine a day without your mobile phone or internet? No. Because it’s become an integral part of our lives. But mobiles and mobile phone towers emit harmful rays that are not only harmful to animals and birds but also to human beings. Celebs like Juhi Chawla have been vocal about it and it is high time we paid heed to reducing this emission rather than increasing the data speed.

This story has conviction and one cannot deny that. But it is quite utopian too. Because if ever there is a Sid who wants to bring about changes that will help restore the ecological balance than the first issue he will face is the politicians and the bureaucrats!

However, this book doesn’t disappoint you. It makes for a good read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐.5
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