// Beauty for me lies in words. I think I would fall for anyone who is crafty with his words. I think I have already fallen for such men quite a lot in the past and the pattern continues. The disappointment ofcourse comes my way because those with crafty words also have a cliché definition of beauty. Everyone doesn’t think like we do. //⁣

That’s how strong this disappointment is for me. I wrote this as a comment on my friend’s post. ⁣

The cliché definition of beauty!⁣

I know I am flawed and I have accepted that. And I don’t respond to compliments very well. I don’t like to be complimented for my looks. ⁣

I swear! ⁣

I have been bodyshamed all my life. People have come up and said weird shit. And I guess that has left an impact on me. But now I don’t care what the world thinks. I do what I like to do. Even if someone says absurd things I simply ignore and move on. Like I said I am not good with compliments unless someone is praising my love for reading or intelligence or my writing. That is forever acceptable. ⁣

I am sure even some of you have gone through this, so just wanted to put this across here.⁣
Recently bought that saree and my Aai wanted me to drape it. So I did. What a mess! 😆⁣

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