I need romance and poems to keep me going. I have been reading some serious books past 2 months and so it was imperative that I revisit this vintage romance I chanced upon during college days. Reading a paperback is a pleasant change because ebooks have just had a bad impact on my already weak eyesight.

This vintage drama, Legend penned by the prolific @judedeveraux If you are looking for a great fantasy and romance book then pick up her books. They are so satisfying.

Legend is set in 1966, Virginia and follows the story of Kady Long. She is a chef. A Masterchef who has appreciators like Clinton! Long is betrothed to Gregory but Gregory isn’t the Arabian prince who has been visiting her in her dreams since she was a child. One day while shopping she stumbles upon a rusty tin and that tin has a beautiful satin gown belonging to a particular Jordan family. One thing leads to another and Long has time travelled to the barren lands of Legend located in Colorado. Here she meets Cole Jordan. The most charming book BF. Will Long stay back in Legend or go back to her would be husband Gregory in Virginia? But most importantly is Cole Jordan her Arabian prince from her dreams?

For days aft r finishing this book we girls would giggle and contest over who makes a better book boyfriend Cole Jordan or Tarik Jordan. I am thinking that the girl in me fell for Cole years ago but perhaps a woman in me might like Tarik this time around. Not sure though. 😆

Do you have book boyfriends? Crushing on any male character you came across?