I have been hooked to Kashmir narrative for the past few years and love to explore books that speak about Kashmir. Only recently I was recommended that I read the work of author Siddhartha Gigoo. When I came across the book The lion of Kashmir, I had to pick it up.The book follows the story of Zooni. She has migrated to London for education. But all of a sudden she is summoned to come back to India. She returns home to find her father missing. And bizzare events unfold one night revealing the harsh realities of Zooni’s life. The book is divided into 3 parts. It has a mystical aura to it. It gets you deeply involved from the page one. The writing is lyrical and metaphorical. The words have been plucked and placed meaningfully. It is one of those books that is wired differently. When things turn dark, flashbacks are the only reprieve. The book shows us two worlds oppressed by the political chaos – lives of the police officers of Kashmir and lives of the children of these officers. It shows us the mindset of the militants through Dar’s past.To me this book was disturbing, dark, horrifying yet compelling and moving. My mind was wraped around the character of Zooni. It was an unputdownable read. During the reading intervals I found my mind going back to the story. I kept thinking about the aspects of its construct and the emotions it evoked in me. I was constantly evaluating this book when I wasn’t reading it. The character of the protagonist was captivating and dexterously crafted. This book seemed allegorical to me, especially Zooni. Infact, Zooni feels like a representative of Kashmir’s lost generation. The book pointedly shows us the dilemma and moral crisis people of Kashmir face alongside the mental trauma.One cannot compare this book with The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay but there are similarities in the situations mentioned in these books which is perhaps because of the unavoidable reality of Kashmir.Overall, this book is distinct and has depth. It is likely to shake you up.

Publisher: Rupa publications
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