It’s late night and I have got to finish reading tons of review copies. But here I am sitting and fantasizing about this man with dark brooding eyes. I am sold. This heart is taken. Dude! He has got some looks.

My mom on the other hand is equally glued to the seat because she wants to know what happens next in the life of the protagonist. 😆 Ofcourse I was talking about this actor onscreen. Believe me, I can’t even pronounce his name but he is so good looking. And he acts with his eyes which is all the more good.

Which series am I talking about? The world is smitten by KDrama and I am hooked to TDrama (apla patternch vegalay 😆) These Turkish series are pure wanderlust and heartache all at the same time. The men have got “the” looks and the serials have a story.

So past 2 weeks I watched 2 Turkish series for no cost at all.

1. Day Dreamer starring Can Yaman. If you have seen my Insta stories you know exactly what I feel about this man. He is dropped out of some vintage romance, set somewhere in the highlands of Scotland. His fan following is huge! And his name is pronounced as Jan (C stands for J in Turkish). This is a story about this day dreaming girl who wishes to be a bestselling author.

And basically, like me, she is an absolute good-for-nothing 🥳. And one day she bumps into this man….scratch that….kisses this man in a dark room. All she knows about him is that he has a beard and wore shiny leather shoes to the office party. Basically, this one is a tweaked Cinderella. I am eagerly waiting for the mext season.

2. Yemen or The promise. Now this is the serial I was talking about in the introduction. The name of the actor is
Gökberk Demirci (jo pronounce kar paye ye nam 101 rupai nakad inam 😂).

This series is a super slow burn romance. It’s about a rich guy, Emir, marrying a poor girl, Reyhan. Reyhan has to bear a lot to stay in this marriage and she is doing so only to keep the promise she gave Emir’s father. I like how Emir is a tad possessive of Reyhan but still manages to hide his feelings.

You can watch these series on MX player.

That’s all for now folks. Will watch more Tdrama and get back to you. Meanwhile, happy dreaming to me (*Demirci* 🤩)