Dear Maddy,
I have been meaning to write this letter to you for the longest time. But articulating my thoughts has been a problem. Because, Maddy, really, you aren’t just a character. You are a feeling. This undying, uncanny feeling. This “Amchi Mumbai Local” wala feeling.

I think I have always been in love with you. You are this rare mix of passion and pleasure, possessive yet protective, rowdy yet a gentleman. How could Reena not fall for you! Your charm…your charm lies in the twinkling of your eyes and that sweet smile. The older I get, the more I seem to fall in love with you, Maddy. You have my heart.

Just looking at you in the candle lit ambiance, reading out the book to Reena makes me jealous and it makes want to grab that dream date. You are this perfect book boyfriend I read about in books. Sweet, sexy, hesitant, loveable, humourous and someone who can go to any extent to win over his love. Simply perfect!

So, here’s me making this proposition to you….think over it.

Let’s go out on a date. Let’s have pani puri together. You read out a book to me. Let’s stand by the beach and hear the sounds of the waves, together holding hands. Let’s fill our lungs with laughs and sunshine. Let’s breath in each other. Let’s just be.

Maddy, you maybe just a character, a myth, but I still hope someday you will come true.

Much love always

Rehnaa Hai Tere Dil Mein is literally etched in my heart. And this movie released on 19th Oct, 2001 when I was exactly 9 days and 11 years old obviously oblivious to the fact that years later I would be working with Harish Sharma sir who was the PRO for this film.

Destiny has it’s own way to get to you. 🥂

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