I may be from this century but my soul is quite vintage. I love retro. And hence I haven’t ever ventured on the dating apps path. Never plan to either. But when I picked up Love, Swipe, Blackmail by Nitish Bhushan I got a lot closer to the world woven by these dating apps.

This book follows the story of three friends – Ravi, Raaj and Bhanu. This boy gang wants to get their friend Ravi laid. And for that they make him download a dating app called Sofu. But instead of fun this app puts Ravi in an eerie situation. He is getting blackmailed by a woman named Mahek. Who is she? How does she know so much about Ravi? And moreover, what will happen when Ravi’s girlfriend Vandana get to know about Ravi’s pursuit for pleasure, forms the rest of the story.

This book is quite youthful. It shows the approach of gennext and their responses to the social media. It shows us the dark side of these dating apps. And it isn’t just limit to blackmail bit but also mentions how prostitution is made convenient by these apps. But dealing with such topics is done by peppering humor throughout the novel. It’s a perfect balance of entertainment in my view. The narrative style and the technique is really nice. I loved how the book starts from amidst the situation. The language is an easy pie with ample usage of slangs, expletives and Hinglish. Also, this book isn’t predictable. You think you know the culprit but actually you don’t.

Overall, this book was a light and quick read which is what you need to relieve your lockdown stress.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐.5
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