I have always been this overtly spiritual person. But I have been as much outgoing. I have different shades to my persona. If I love EDM then I also like Bhajans and Kirtans. I love folk as much as I love rap. I can be very talkative or I can be very coy. This mixed personality often confuses people. But I love my shades nonetheless. With lockdown I have been exploring myself quite a lot.

Anyho, that’s just some random rambling yet again. The point of this post is to introduce you to the Japanese ascetics. There’s a community of modern day hermits in Japan and they are called as Hikikomori. I found out about this from a blog post the url of which I forgot to save 🙈. These hikikomoris confine themselves and keep to themselves it seems. As per wikipedia half of the young population in Japan have become social recluses. Sitting at home, not willing to socialize or going out for work are symptoms of a Hikikomori.

Now, with this growing anxiety and hate being spewed on social media on a day-to-day basis I refuse to chat or even talk to my friends on phone. And that’s just not me saying this but most of my friends have been going through the same phase. In a post two days ago I mentioned how I wish to run away or just go for a run, whatever is feasible. Because that’s the degree of wanting to break free I am getting now. The fact that readers often fall in the category of this Hikikomori is what scares me more. This restlessness is unbearable. Confined to mind is unbearable. (I can so so so feel you Plath and Woolf.)

I hope this social detox is a success and I get back to my bubbly self soon.

Don’t be Hikikomori people!