Books have always been dear to me. I would often call for second hands books or buy from online retailers to read books at my leisure. The joke in my family was that if a suitable match comes for me then that Boy will approve of me by seeing the cover of my current read. I was and am forever stuck in between the pages of a book. So how did I decide to pick up book blogging?

Well, 10 years ago I completed mass media and graduated with majors in Journalism. With a strong CV to back my case I found a decent job as a PR to celebs. I kept moving on on my career path but there was always something amiss. Soon I landed a job in one of most prestigious TV channels of India. I was elated. But this was short lived because despite a warm tagline of this channel the people around me were cold. It became increasingly difficult to someone like me to keep up with the stupid office politics and pleasing bosses mania. My health failed me. And in a spur of the moment, an epiphany occurred and I saw myself calling it quits. I had given up a well paying job and I hadn’t a clue what to do next. I would read all day despite being bedridden. This continued for a few months and once my father lost his cool. His exact words to me were, “What’s the point of reading if you cannot do anything about it.” That struck a chord. It got me thinking and in 2016 I started this blog, while being bedridden.

I started reviewing books for my pleasure. It wasn’t much difficult because I was switching from reviewing movies to reviewing books. But this switch was going to bring about pleasant changes to me and my persona.

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans, they say. Baba left. All of a sudden. He walked out on his own but never came back alive. This was absolutely devastating for me. I was coping with a loss as huge as Mount Everest. This climb was difficult because I felt handicapped. Soon I was pulled in the dungeons of depression and people around me became cold to my responses. They didn’t understand what really was the matter with me. But just like that day in the office, one day another electrifying epiphany struck me. I was not going to be pitied. I didn’t need sympathy. I will do what I want to do. And I will follow what my father asked me to. Thus came into existence book_gobbler. Someone who gobbles books with immense love.

I have been a social media manager for leading channels. Alongside managing their social I was also taking a keen interest in building my audience base. So when I switched my personal Instagram account to bookstagram account gathering audience or followers, as they say, wasn’t difficult. I already had about 800 or 900 followers when I started. And soon there was no looking back. I started understanding the working of publishing industry. Author interviews and author meetups were more fun than interviewing celebs. I get to interact with publishers from around the world and read vast literature there is out there. From 1k to 7k and from just a blog to be rated as amongst the Top Book Bloggers and Top book reviewers of India this journey is a lot adrenaline pumping.

Reading and reviewing is a responsibility I feel and I am happy to shoulder it with much poise. Recently, Zoomin stories saw through my efforts and asked me if they could help me brand my efforts. I happily accepted the offer. So here it is, the big reveal.

My coffee mug. This is an immensely amazing feeling.

Thank you Zoomin stories for the love and the support. And helping me restore these memories.

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