I am a poetry connoisseur and I lap up the sentiments as one would chew on to yummy cheesy lasagna. I let the words leave a taste in my mouth and I let the emotions fill my lungs and souls. That’s how much I love poems and poets. So it goes without saying that I grab every opportunity to review and relish a poetry book.

Vinita R K’s book was a tad surprise for me because the name 3 AM Conversations felt as if it were a short stories collection. What I found between the pages of the book was quite heartwarming and appealing.

One can call these short poems Vinita’s feelings and experiences. Some seemed poetic, some seemed like micro fiction, some like diary entries, and some quite heartbreakingly nostalgic.

What I love the most about her works was that all of them were raw. Some do need to be edited for polish but that juiciness of the words reaches the readers. She cuts the drama and her words catch the readers off guard. There’s a certain punch in her work which strikes a chord. The themes of longing, separation, melancholy, loneliness makes their presence felt throughout. But behind all of these emotions there’s a resolve of a strong woman which doesn’t go unseen. Some of the work resonated with me immensely. I have marked some of the pages and I would revisit them soon.

Another glitch apart from editing I feel is that the poetess could have just given a specific title to every work rather than presenting it in chapter format.

Overall, it was a quick and a pleasant book to read. Refreshing even.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐.5
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