I like to travel between the pages of a book. The drama of my life is in between the pages of a book. I have nothing else to do and nowhere else to go. My echoes, my cries, my laughs, my anxiety, and my all other feelings are trapped between the pages of a book. I hardly ever look up from my reads. I remember being reprimanded several times from everyone close to me because my nose is always dug in a book.

I live off the books. I breath books. I wouldn’t mind eating less or nothing at all but I would definitely go crazy (in real sense of the word) if I don’t get to read. Read. Read. Read. Consume. Consume. Consume. That’s all that there is on my mind. Love, lose, pain, joy, it’s all in a book. I feel there is nothing more attractive than the way someone crafts words. Rare pearls and plums plucked lovingly and added to the sentences making the stories all the more juicy.

When I read something beautiful I sail between the lines trying to understand the art of words. I go back in time and see if I can find more that connects me to a particular word or theme expressed in the written work. Well, that’s how I am, crafted differently. Apla patternch vegla ahe 😆

My mother has seen me sulk, sullen, sob over something I have read. The other day I was so taken aback by a poem I read that I was teary eyed and that poem was so strong that it stayed with me for several days after. I keep ruminating on words. They are priceless and powerful shapeshifters. When I see someone reading something I just want to go out of the way and tell them to feel the soul of the author or poet through this book and his/her words. No one, absolutely no one in this world can teach you how to think but if you can think beyond what’s put to paper then you are alive. But then again, not all works of art are meant to be prodded. Plough all you want but sometimes some work is just what it is. Accept the beauty in the simplicity as well.

I hope I have been very vocal as to how I feel about words and books in this article. If you can connect with what I just wrote or if you happen to like this post, I shall await your message.

Much love.

Happy Reading.

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