It looked as if India and Pakistan were locked in implacable hostility, and Kashmir was locked in an endless cycle of violence and siege. – Paradise at war by Radha Kumar

Being obsessed about Kashmir I often pick up books with Kashmir narrative. Out of the many books I have read so far, this book turned out to be a magnanimous work on Kashmir spanning 70 years of conflict.

The author was once one of the interlocutors appointed by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) of the Central Government of India for the state of J&K. This is one of those reads which is intricately put together every incident that led to the incessant conflicts and tension in the valley. The author assiduously takes us into the depths of history, going over the political changes with every PM of India and Pak has had so far, arrival of terrorism and terrorist groups, the international intervention and ignorance, to the situation in the Valley as of the current government.

Initially I was confused and put away the book for a long time. But when I picked it up again I began relishing it bit by bit, absorbing the information given as much as possible. Every sentence penned in this book is packed with crucial information and so you may want to avoid skim reading it. This book doesn’t have a chronology and the narrative seems like a memory thread going back and forth in time but despite that it ably gives you a clear picture. Rather it gives you a COMPREHENSIVE picture. You get to witness how strong Indira Gandhi stood amidst the chaos throughout the country, how Nehru failed to see the potential threat that was Pakistan and how international community failed us. It parallelly draws the political scenarios of Pakistan and also goes a tad deeper to introduce us to the varied terrorist outfits that have mushroomed.

Overall, this book gives you a micro as well as a macro perspective. It answers all your questions about Kashmir. And is hands down a 5 star read.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher – Aleph book co
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