Someday some book will lie half finished on my work table. There will be tons of books that were bought but never read. They were bought with the hope that “I don’t want to miss out on this wonderful read and that I will read it super soon.” These books will lie in my cupboard or some drawer waiting their turn and their turn won’t ever come. There will be few of those books which were DNFd by me at some point. And my mind, despite the void, will harbour the thoughts about the books that I should have read when I was alive. My soul will lie in the hearts of these books and those words. But then someday there will be someone who will give away these books to a kabaddiwala for a few pennies. And then, someday there will come a bookworm just like me looking for a perfect read at the junk store. He/she will sniff at the pages and perhaps grab an author signed rare edition, perhaps an advance reading copy which I received from the publisher or the author and then hop back home with glee. Someday some bookworm will let his soul linger amidst the pages of the books, like I do now.

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