We all are going through tough times and what we need right now are comfort reads. Saranya Umakanthan’s book One day life will change is one such decent read you will come across.

The book follows the Iife of Samaira. She has gone through an abusive marriage and when she is free to get back to her old self, her family meets an accident. She is left alone and no one to call as family. She sees no hope in living but soon sun shines in her life in the form of Vivian. Vivian too is smitten by Samaira. What follows is a good office romance.

I am a sucker for romance and reading romance comforts me. So I lapped up this book in no time. I like how well paced it is. The narrative is linear and unveils different facets of Samaira’s life. It is simplistically penned and the language is quite understandable. The book is peppered with inspirational and philosophical quotes.

What didn’t work for me was the rapid progress in the relationship of Samaira and Vivian. It felt like knee jerk reaction to me. The book was a tad cliché and filmy but it did give romantic feels one too many times. Also, I feel the book could have been edited better.

Overall, it made for a good read.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher – Fingerprint Publisher
To buy the book, pls click – https://amzn.to/300QiCI

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