“‘Then what was it that made you a writer, a poet?’ Chitrita wanted to know. ‘It can only be the special talent that the supreme power bestowed on me. It may also have been my desire to keep away from crowds and seek solitude. My mind, when it found solitude, started resonating with the music of nature. –
Tagore – A Novel by K. C. Ajayakumar”

I am in love with Tagore and his words and that’s why my inquisitive nature made me pick up the book Tagore – A novel by K. C. Ajayakumar.

The book is a fictional account of the life of poet laureate Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore right from his childhood. The author slowly takes us into the life of Gurudev unveiling each facet that shaped Gurudev. It shows us how poetry came to Tagore. How his earlier poems differed. His views on poetry, literature, politics. It shows us the birth of Visva Bharati and Shantiniketan. It shows how Gurudev’s travel expeditions turned him into a man of great taste and experience. It fictionalizes the meeting of Yeats, Pound and Tagore. And so much much more. ⁣

“Nature has a rhythm of its own. When one presents nature in that rhythm, it becomes poetry. When we sing that, it becomes a song. – Tagore – A novel by K. C. Ajayakumar”

“If each movement in nature is a picture, my attempt is to paint each picture in words. – Tagore – A Novel by K. C. Ajayakumar”

The narrative is woven like a memory thread as Gurudev reminisces his old days. The discussions between the characters, especially Gurudev and people who come to meet him or his granddaughters, helps us understand the expanse of Gurudev’s thoughts. These conversations are analytical and sure interesting. The book has ample of sprinkle of Gurudev’s legendary work. It also gives a summary of the stories Gurudev penned which sure piques our curiosity. However, I felt like the book lacked a connect with me and was slow paced. Nonetheless it shows us the life of Tagore as it could have been. Also, since it is a fictional account I was hoping to read a tad bit more about the love story of Tagore and Anna.

Overall, it is a good read if you want to make a start to acquaint yourself about Tagore’s life.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher – Rupa Publication
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