World’s most popular short stories published by Srishti publishers hosts short stories by world-renowned literary gems like Saki, O. Henry, Maupassant and Anton Chekhov.

All the stories have varied emotional shades. Every story has a vivid recall value and perhaps that’s why they have been a favourite of readers for centuries now. This book is a beautifully woven necklace of pearls that is an absolute delight and it is sure to adorn the library of any bookworm. If you love classics and short stories then this book is a sure treat for you all.

This book has some of my favourite short stories – The last leaf by O. Henry, The debt by Maupassant, The diamond necklace by Maupassant

Can’t rate these phenomenal stories. These are meant to be relished and embraced. Let the warmth of the words sink in.

Publisher – Srishti publishers
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