I love romance. And while it might look like an easy genre, most popular even, let me tell you, it is quite difficult to ace it. You just can’t pen a skeleton and hope to win the hearts. To my love, with love by Anuraag Srivastava is a unique coming-of-the-age romance.

This book is a quick read and it follows the life of Anurag from his teen. From Anurag’s first love to Anurag’s last love. I loved how the shades of love varied in this book. Every juncture we got to see the character that LOVE is. Love, infact, can be called the protagonist of his story who just happens to speak through Anurag.

This book was a cute teenage romance to begin with and then it gradually changed colours. It did remind me of my teenage years and my crushes. The unrequited love factor that stays with you lifelong. Anuraag, the author, sketches the characters and the ambiance quite well. The book does get overdramatic in places but that’s that. The feelings that falling in love evokes in each of us have been brought out just fine by the author. Like I mentioned earlier, this story is like the journey of love which ends with the circle of life.

Overall, it was a good one time read for me.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐
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