You want people close to you to really see your soul and understand the turbulence you go through but these are the very people who will disappoint you.

Silence is a sign of maturity. It’s letting things be. Giving space to each other. I don’t like to be stifled or to stifle. Too much of silence can actually be chaotic but incessant bickering can be messy as well. I love to let things cool down before getting back to my people. But in between all of this, some people often misconstrue my silence as ego or attitude.

Ego and attitude is nonexistent when it comes to me. I am a sort of a person who likes to nurture relationships. Sometimes some relations turn into skeletons, there is absolutely nothing left in it but I have seen myself still striving and hoping that this might just survive. Haan, eventually the destiny of such relationships is zilch we all know that and that’s what happens. But I don’t give up on them just like that.

So the bottom line is ego and attitude don’t ever come in relationships when I am involved. I am that 3am friend who will patiently hear you out and genuinely care but pls don’t try my patience because that’s got an expiry date too. You know what I mean? I hope you do. 😅

So if you think I have ego issues #happymisconceptions to you! 😆 Your misconceptions aren’t going to change me. 😁

It may look like I am explaining myself but this has been so annoying and long pending so I had to get it out of my system. 😅

Thank you for reading.