‘Been a fan of mythological fiction since time unknown. I have read the best in mythfic genre and I keep wanting more of it. Why Ram? by Rakhi Kapoor is one of the best written mythfic on character Sita.

The book is a retelling of Ramayana apropos the contemporary times. So while we have Ramayana forming a story on one hand, we also see Lasaki’s story taking shape parallelly. Lasaki, much like Sita is an orphan found in a temple. A humble, childless farmer accepts her a his own and educates her. She becomes a geologist and marries Ram. She starts working with Ravula who much like Ravan desires Lasaki. Lasaki’s life takes all the similar turns that Sita’s life went through. But what the book tries telling is us is that all the choices were of Sita and Lasaki alone.

The book not only shows us how the element of Sita is present in every women out there but it makes us think. At different intervals the author raises certain questions or drops quotes that are thought provoking. It inspires us to move on in life. Every woman at some point stops and thinks, why me? And this book answers that precisely. It shows us how Lasaki and Sita never wasted a minute to think about such topics. Infact they kept doing what they were meant to. Why me? Why him? Why Ram? These are quite understandable questions and blaming is quite easy at that. But moving on is what really needs to be done when in such situations.

The writing of the author is very pointed and fast paced. There is lyrical quality to the writing because of the poems that preceed the chapters. There is a time lapse to keep the editing tight. And this time lapse comes with a perspective which inspires us.

Overall, it was a wonderful read and a very good retelling which extends strength to us, readers, and gives us a different perspective to view Sita’s choices.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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