When I signed up for this one I presumed it to be a political fiction based on the events of the first nuclear test conducted in Pokhran by the Indian government. But what followed was a completely different story. The book is penned by Uday Singh and published by Srishti Publication.

The book is a quick read and follows the life of a Chaitanya. He is born with disabilities which are cited to be because of the nuclear test. Chaitanya has grown up sans his mother. His mother died after his birth. His father has been a disciplinarian so as to make Chaitanya an independent individual. And what follows in the book is a series of events that shape Chaitanya and a quest for revenge.

I tried very hard to like this book but it fell flat for me. It is a coming-of-the-age novel but it has very little to do with the nuclear test or how it came about. The narrative skews and you keep losing the track of events. There are certain quests that the protagonist takes up which seem unnecessary. On the other hand, we see the story of student unions taking shape and a mention of LGBTQ. There is an emotional drama, a story of courage, romance playing in the background.

What worked well for me was the language of the book. It is quite profound and peppered with philosophical quotes here and there. The character of Radhika, Zoya, and Chaitanya are well established. The author has put forth the culture of the Yazidi community.

Overall, it was an okay read for me.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐
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