“He’s in love with the social media impression of you, how you enhance his brand and how you’d make the perfect power couple. It’s just about sex and vanity to him that’s all it is!” – Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan

Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan was my first read by this international bestselling author. We all have gone gung-ho over Crazy Rich Asians and I haven’t even watched the movie yet. So I was much excited to read this book.

The book follows the story of Lucie Tang Churchill. She is born into riches and the opulent lifestyle takes her to a friend’s wedding which is in Capri. Amidst grandeur of this wedding Lucie crosses path with a Greek God look alike hot bod, George Zao and loses a step in the process. The disaster can cost Lucie a lot and so she decides to quit and run away back to NY. Years later she is engaged to be married to a billenial, Cecil, when George comes back in her life.

This book is typical old flames rekindling trope. But it is peppered with a lot of Asian masala. There is much extravaganza and many enthucutlet characters that you will find in this book. Read- plenty of crazy and filthy rich Asians. These characters are snobbish and vanity driven and act in a peculiar way.

Which book cover is better?

The book is evenly paced and keeps up with the humor and wits. Sometimes it might just seem dragged or dull but it gets back it’s spunk in no time, having you roll on the floor with laughter. There are certain terms and references, especially the footnotes by the author, which make this book a geeky chic. The language is upfront and brazen with a straight faced humor.

With the snobbish characters galore the author shows us the farcical upper class society and lifestyle. The distinction between born rich and new money reminded me of characters from Titantic, only the characters from this one were quite annoying.

Overall, the book will be a good read to pass your time. Infact I view it as a book that’s a perfect summer read / beach read. Won’t disappoint.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher – Penguin India
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