Diondray’s Journey, Book 2 in Diondray’s chronicles penned by Marion Hill continues with the allegorical adventure of Diondray Azur.

While the first book was just the tip of the iceberg, the second slowly starts unfurling adventure that is to bring forth the change in Kammbia, a mythical place created by Hill. Kammbia is basically a place that worships Lord Kammbi and the messenger of God Kammbi is Oscar Ortega. Oscar has prophesied that there will come a man who will change how the world Kammbia thinks and will unite all the lands that believe in Kammbi. Our hero, Diondray is that man. He has eloped his hometown and is now on a tour of all the places where Oscar Ortega had taken a journey into to spread the word of Kammbi.


The book is divided into 3 parts, every part is the place Diondray visits on his adventure of uniting the lands of Kammbia. The atmosphere that the author creates with all the myths and stories surrounding the legend of Kammbia and Oscar Ortega, you are sure to forget that there exists a real world out of this book and that Kammbia is but a mythical place that’s come out of author’s sharp imagination.

The writing is peppered with inspirational quotes called themilies. Infact I was so in awe of these philosophical bits that the author pens that I was looking forward to it in this book as well. There isn’t much action that takes place but you see Diondray addressing varied issues in this installment. He addresses the orthodox outlook of the parishioners and challenges them with his words. I loved how the author has gone about these situations and woven stories around these characters. Again, there are one too many characters and you are sure to be confused. I was certainly.

It would be great if the author could provide a glossary of the characters and the terms used so that it becomes much easier for the readers as they traverse through this unique land of Kammbia.

Overall, it was a good second installment in this series and it isn’t anything like you have read before.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐
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