Short stories are always a breather and better yet if they belong to the contemporary times and are quite relatable. One such quick read that I picked up recently was The day before today by Gayatri Gill.

The book has only 10 short stories. But these 10 are enough to rejuvenate your mood. Every now and then I need a mood changer read and this book was just that. It was witty writing that I found in this book.

When you are reading the story you aren’t sure what’s to follow next and how will this story climax. The first story, Day one, sucked me into this book and I was twirling pages for more. All stories are unique and have a recall value.

Within the small canvas the author has tried to infuse every shade of lockdown. It’s quite newsy, relevant and relatable.

After reading this one I wish to read more from this author and perhaps more such amazing short stories.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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