Past 2 series of Biplob the bumblebee were quite educative but volume 3 is packed with infotainment.

Biplob the bumblebee is a series penned by Abhishek Talwar. In the volume 3, we see a leopard jumping out of the woods, who is he and what’s he doing on farmer Balram’s farms? Also there’s a rude man standing amidst Farr Balram’s farm, who is he? And we also have a hunter in this one? This tiny book of adventures is more fun. Again the illustrations by Sonal Goyal steal the show.

Abhishek puts a lot of thought while simplistically penning these stories. These stories instill an affinity for nature in kids. Also these concepts sure reache the kids because I see Rudrani picking up words like Bumblebee and scarecrow because of these stories. Perfect read for kids.

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