You fall in love with a song when you start resonating with the lyrics more. And that’s exactly what happens with books too. If you start seeing yourselves in certain characters or situations the author has portrayed, you start falling in love with the book.
Of unspoken words and half-said truth by Srushti Rao, is one such book I came across.The book follows the story of Geet and Arjun. Geet is an aspiring journalist. She bumps into Arjun at a newspaper office she is interning. It begins with a mild crush for her but soon she falls head over heels for him. For years she cannot confess her feelings to him and they drift apart. What happens next forms the rest of the story.This book is the perfect concoction of emotions, romance, heartbreak and drama. Nothing is overdone. It cutoffs the unnecessary baggage which usually comes in romantic books. I zapped through this book. I completed it in a single sitting. The situations penned by the author richocheted for me. I could very well connect with Geet.This book is less of an ambiance and more of feelings. To me this book was like standing by the shore and letting the tides caress my feet and at the same time feel the sand slipping away. It made me nostalgic, it made me smile and it left me content with its bollywood-esque happy ending.This book is perfect like a dark chocolate cake with cherry on top. It just melted me and how! It is a book meant for all romance genre lovers out there.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟
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