It had all happened a while ago. But nothing much had changed for her. Or would. Mohini was here to stay. For as long or as short a while as needed. She had emerged from the fullness of his heart and she always faded away into the emptiness of the void. It didn’t matter to her either way. After all, it was this that had set her free. – Mohini by Anuja Chandrmouli

Those who have read Anuja Chandrmouli’s previous works know that her writing is a paradise for logophiles. And the storytelling never disappoints. Mohini, Anuja Chandrmouli’s latest release, is sure to give immense contentment to the logophiles and bibliophiles out there.The book interlaces the narratives but interspersing varied tales of deceit and immorality of certain celestials. It impeccably brings out the plight and treatment of women at the hands of Gods. The narrative blazes Indra and his conniving manners one too many times and somehow I felt immense satisfaction reading all these stories. These stories are connected to Mohini avatar and hence imperative to the narrative.The way author seams the entire plot it is, in author’s words – flows across fluid time, wild and untameable as a river. And the author – traipse(s) from one story to the next. What you read feels enigmatic and surreal. The storytelling pulls you in a tight embrace refusing to leave you from it’s enchantment. One can say that it’s the MOHINI of the author’s writing that casts a spell on the readers. Another aspect which I loved is that there’s brevity and grit in the narrative and writing.As mentioned previously, this book is sheer joy for logophiles as we can gobble some lustrous words that the author peppers throughout the book. As for more on words, the author plucks and sows the rich and ripe words in the sentences quite succinctly which gives rawness to the narrative. The book shows the utter hedonistic and narcisstic side of the celestials who have been considered of pristine repute all this while. The story of Bhrihaspati raping a pregnant women inevitably reminded me of Leda and the swan and how much similar two myths are.Overall, with lyrical writing, powerpacked storytelling and intriguing mythical tales the Anuja Chandrmouli weaves a page turner surrounding Vishnu’s lesser known Mohini avatar.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Publisher – Rupa publication
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