Sometimes a journey can take you far away from home
It can take you far away from what you believe.
From the only world you had ever known
And make you realize how much we are connected to each other
Also, how divided we can be

Diondray’s Chronicles is a series that has been a fun read. It has taken my mind off the real life scenarios and implanted me a fictional region of Kammbi and Diondray’s journey. The series is penned by Marion Hill. With the third installment, Diondray’s Roundabout, this series comes to a closure.The third book shows us Diondray’s journey ahead. He visits three new territories and he is been tested throughout. He encounters number of questions and trials on this voyage. This book shows us the number of issues Diondray faces and overcomes as a messenger of Kammbi. One of his companions is summoned, his intentions are questioned after he gains what’s called the Boma-essence.
Things escalate in this installment. People of an alien city have their doubts about this traveler who comes to their city saying that he will be fulfilling Oscar Ortega’s prophecy. Soon the news that there are issues going on in Diondray’s hometown as well, arrives, this adds to the drama.I was well acquainted with author’s writing style by now. The flow, the narrative, the language doesn’t lose the grip. In all three books the language has been consistent and engaging.What I loved about this book is that it shows us how we meet people who will lead us to our destiny. These people accidentally cross our path for a reason, for a higher purpose. There weren’t many themilies in this installment but I fell in love with whatever little the author had to offer. He instills the understanding of life and universe in these words. I would suggest consume these words when you come across’em. Another thing I liked the most in the book is Diondray’s stint with the Boma-men. While the closure has been done well by the author as a reader I would like to know what happens post Diondray to all the cities that he has visited.Overall, this book is distinct and a good read at that.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟
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