No Exit by Sartre.

I watched this play’s BBC adaption way back in July. This play was recommended by @piyush_ranade_official
And I really was blown away upon seeing the many philosophies author sows in this one. At the crux is the concept of Existentialism.

The story focuses on 3 characters who have sinned. They are dead and stuck together in Hell. This hell doesn’t have demons or torturers but a room in which these three are trapped for eternity.

The characters are seen introspecting, questioning the life that they led and what exactly got them here. Everyone has a shoddy past but it is character Garson’s need for approval that’s the focus of the story.

Each character wants from the other character a sort of validation that they cannot have. There is a constant need to seek validation that makes its ghostly presence felt throughout the play. There’s a constant “loop of need” that we see in this play.

This play is so relevant even in the present times. Each of us hides behind a veil so as to look good and for that societal validation. In this regard the play also reminded me of the word “Bunburying,” the one used generously by Wilde in his play (one of my favourites) The importance of being Ernest. We seek validation and we often maintain two images – that which we are and that which we want the world to perceive us as.

The quote that stays with me – Hell is other people. (Because, understand this, you cannot make a person change his/her perception about you and you cannot keep revolting with others as well.)

This is my understanding of the play. #NOTAREVIEW.

If you have more plays to recommend, do drop your recommendations in the comments. ❤️

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