Epistolary novel – Where rainbows end by Cecilia Ahern

I came across this narrative technique called Epistolary way back in my college days. The best-selling novel of Cecilia Ahern – Where rainbows end, was woven using this narrative technique. I fell in love with it. Initially it felt like prying as if I was reading that which I am not supposed to. But once I understood what a beautiful device this one is I wanted to try it too. I have read tons and tons of books till date, I have come across some thar sorta used this device but not everyone was as proficient as Ahern.

Epistolary is a technique wherein the narrative is conveyed using the characters’ means of communication such as letters, emails, chats, phone calls, diary entries etc. You don’t get to read the novel in a first person or third person perspective. It’s their personal chats you read and it is amusing. Where rainbows end was later condensed to Love, Rosie and even the movie was released by the same name. Having read and reread Where rainbows end, I felt that the movie falls short to make us feel the glow that Where rainbows end does. As for Love, Rosie, the book, I am yet to pick it up but I am not keen on it.

Ahern often and always brings something that worthy of our attention, I feel. And this book is one such read.

If you know of any other book that uses this device let me know in the comments below.


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