Cornucopia is a word I love. It means abundance. And Cornucopoem by Saniya Inamdar is a collection of poems that comes from the abundant thoughts of the poet.The book was a quick read. It is divided into 8 parts. Every part follows a theme. However, the poems that you read are definitely not mundane. The poet creates vivid imageries that last long. These writings show succulent usage of words.

These poems are reaped out of trenches of thoughts and situations the poet comes across. Some are born out of heinous crimes against women and some out of the humiliation suffered by women in Indian epics. This writing is sure uncanny and there is personification much.

For me these socially evocative poems were soul stirring and thought provoking. Right from poem one to the last page of the book, it offered much fodder to mull over.

Contemplate this talk between a Lion and a Lamb about humans.

“But there is no creature born as dangerous as their kind
The only animal that do not kill for their appetite,
Unreasonably brutal uncontrollably cruel,
They kill the very WOMB from which they gained life!!!”

It speaks volumes about the brutalities inflicted on women everyday.

Further the poet speaks of the Draupadi vastraharan.

“As I reckon the poignant
historical scene,
Opulence and might,
Sagacity and gallantry,
All lay waste, a puppet to debauchery.”

Hibernation, The moving bus and The rape of the civilization have a vivid recall value and are definitely my favourite from the lot.

Overall, these poems are sharp, strong and powerful.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐.5
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