In my native that’s Konkan, there’s a very symbolic and interesting ritual. Serendipity that I came across it just before posting about this book.

In this ritual, we usually place a kalash with a water in it and coconut and mango leaves on top. This is called a “Ghata”. And in front of this Ghata there rises Kumba cha Dev. On the auspicious day of Ghatasthapana 9 types of kaddhanya or pulses are sown and watered. An oil lamp is kept in front of this 24X7 and it is not watered thereafter. Only on the warmth that oozes from this lamp, the pulses sprout and take a beautiful form that’s lush green. It is said that taller it shoots up the better it is. It is said to bring prosperity and peace in the household.

Kumba cha deva. Place – Kokre, Sangameshwar. Pic courtesy – Prachi Dalvi/Sandip Dalvi

And this is just one way in which Navratri is celebrated in Konkan. Apart from this, married woman and young girls are worshipped and we fast for 9 days.

In the book Nav Durga, Nalini Ramachandran brings forth interesting and yet unheard stories of the nine goddesses. I was in awe when I read these stories. It’s penned in easy language and illustrations by Priyanka Pachpande makes it more alluring to the young readers. I have been reading out one story a day to Rudrani and she is liking it so far. Definitely recommend it to all the parents out there.

Publisher- Penguin India

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