1. Be persistent with kids. They will learn.
2. While being persistent with them have some confidence in your skills as well.
3. Sometimes illogical squabbles are a matter of hormones bleating loudly. Take it easy. Don’t be hard on yourself or others around you. You can happily blame pcod.
4. Signs of a confident person –
✓ Using the phrase “I can’t” shows your weakness. Use “I won’t” instead. It’s an affirmation and sends out the message loud and clear that you put your foot down when needed, you are not to be messed with.
✓ Stop negating yourself by saying things like “I am not an expert but…” Assert what you wanna say.
✓ Don’t “what if” yourself. Be simple. Be clear. Assert. Present a plan of action you think will work. “I think / I believe this is how we go forward…”
✓ Delete all the “justs” and “sorrys” from your communication.
✓ In professional life emojis and exclaimations mean nothing. Stop using them.
✓ Lastly, communicate clearly, to the point. Don’t sway or alter. Stay put.

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