Last weekend I had an Instagram live session with author Sabarna Royand he spoke about his latest release Random subterranean mosiac 2012-2018.

Much like the name of book suggests the book is a collection of “random” writings. These are author’s journal entries, fiction and nonfiction, documented over the course of 2012 to 2018. So you are sure to finding author’s views on varied subjects, reviews, letters, poems etc..

We get to see varied shades of author’s personality – his views on politics, his ideologies, and his love for literature, movies and music. These writings are steeped in literature and philosophy. Author’s writing is a perspective changer and his experiences are sure to reach the readers. However, considering the current political scenario the author courts controversy but putting down his foot and firmly stressing on his political opinions.

The book also hosts a few personalities from author’s lives and this theme is recurring throughout the book. The characters that author pens in different stories sown in this book may or may not be fictional but these characters certainly leave a lasting impression on the readers.

This book is a quick read and quite gripping at that. Out of the mosiac of writeups I loved reading author’s thoughts about loneliness, silence, literature, art, and his letters to his kids.

To sum up, I loved reading Roy’s Etchings of the first quarter of 2020 and I equally loved reading something as raw as Random subterranean mosaic 2012-2018. It’s rich in content and thought provoking too.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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