I haven’t ventured much into dystopian books. I have been surely eyeing a few. Pol-end 2053 Leo came my way and it sounded good to me. What attracted me especially was the intriguing cover which stresses on the plot theme quite well in my view.

The book follows the story of Leo. It’s year 2053. She is a resident of the Tentside. The population lives in these small cabins and tents and the promised Utopia is non-existent in such places. People are less affable and there is too much chaos and restrictions that people face everyday. Humanity is negligible. Friendships less heard of. It’s all robotic with humans sans feeling and seething carnal instincts, and androids taking over every job. This is a scenario post pandemic and war. Leo along with her friends plans a great escape from this messy business but will she be successful in her attempt forms the rest of the story.

The author has created this ambiance extremely well. I was in thrall of the settings and initial 50% of the book I kept hungrily reading and turning pages. There were multiple unpredictable twists and elements that kept me hooked. You are left guessing till the last minute. The author unveiled every aspect of the story one step at a time putting me in awe of her writing. There were places that seemed distasteful to me, especially the attempt at lewd humor but it’s an “adult” novel, we have been forewarned. The second half of the story somehow fizzled for me but nonetheless the magic of writing and imagination remained. What blew my mind was the epilogue of the book and I didn’t see that coming.

What you see in this book is a powerful writing with a story that has – promise of Utopia, scuffle for survival, mention of global patriotism, chips in bodies, cameras in the eyes and much more.

Trigger warning- It does explicitly speak about Rape (and not in a good taste), drug abuse and sex.

But overall, this was a rollercoaster read for me.

Ps: This “new age life” that author mentions is very much possible and hence this book was no less than a revelation.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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