Just missed by Himanshu Bhatia is a Bollywood-esque romance that I came across recently. The book is published by Fingerprint publication.

Just missed is a typical love triangle. But here we see how fate meddles in the lives of Shivam, Shreya and Sid. Sid and Shreya are getting to know each other, the usual arrange marriage rigmarole, when Shreya crosses path with Shivam, a suave and charmer of a man. Coincidentally Shivam and Shreya bump into each other quite a bit and initial hatred blooms into love. But Shreya is supposed to be engaged to Sid and Shivam decides to step aside

I am a sucker for romance novels but it has to be done right to strike a chord with me. This one was typically a Bollywood pot boiler. I couldn’t
guess what’s to be served next in the story but it sure seemed much filmy to me. Overcooked. The pace kept fluctuating for me. For a minute if it was fast paced, the next minute it would drag. Another thing I felt was the narrative could have been framed in a better way. Going back and forth in between a diary sort of created a confusion for me initially. Also, the language could have been more polished. However, with infusion of Hinglish it is sure to be a hit with the young Indian readers out there.

Does it entertain? It sure does. The author takes this love story from streets of Delhi and Mumbai to resorts of Bangkok. There are filmy scenes and the climax is filmy as well. Though I am not sure if it will stay with me yet overall, it was a good one time read for me and entertaining at that.

Rating -⭐⭐⭐
To buy the book, pls click – https://amzn.to/3mU3gf5

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