I have grown up reading Ruskin Bond. He describes the hills and the Doon valley with extreme affinity, so much that it starts becoming a home to the readers too. And that’s the exact feeling I got when I read Mangtu baba’s house and other stories by Deepshikha Mehta.

The book consists of 10 short stories that are reminiscents of author’s father’s childhood. While cleaning the storeroom, the author happened to come across her father’s writings and decided to weave them into stories.

All the stories presented retain innocence. They are dipped in the rawness of childhood. It easily reminds us of our childhood. I remember I would spend my summer vacations with my cousins at my Aaji’s house in Konkan and the book brought back those days for me – be it Ramesh and his friends taking a dip in the pond or Ramesh with his cousins climbing the treetop to grab the mangoes.

The writing of the author induced nostalgia much. Infact the writing ably brings out the vivid imageries of the time. The adrenaline rush of the kids is palpable. Another aspect laudable are the characters from the stories, these are charming, witty, diverse, and fleshed out quite well by the author. The stories are short and the book makes for a quick read. The preface and afterword helps us readers understand these stories better.

Enhancing the feel of the book are the illustrations by Dalveer Singh. These illustrations bring the past alive.

Overall, it was a sheer delight to read about Ramesh and his adventures. Nostalgic and adorable.

Glitch – The kindle edition seems like a picture book and there’s no way to enlarge the font. This book can be better as a paperback.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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