“They wanted us to destroy everything, so they could come in and fix it. Turned off the lights. Started trouble in the dark. They got a foot back in the door then, a toe, but it wasn’t enough damage. After that the drugs came, all of a sudden, and the violence, and the cops. Breaking everything down, so they could come in and build it up for themselves.”

Alyssa Cole is a bestselling author of the book Radio Silence. When no one is watching was my first by her.

The book follows the life of Sydney Green who lives in Brooklyn. She is raised in a black neighborhood and she has an unfathomable affinity for people of her neighborhood. After her broken marriage when she comes back she sees how the neighborhood is changing. It has more white people here. And the neighbors she has known all her life just up and leave without any hint or information. Everyday is a struggle for Sydney. And trots in Theo, a white guy who has apparently got a house for him and his girlfriend, Kim. Kim is an obnoxious, snobbish brat of a person and her relationship with Theo is kaput. Theo disapproves of her waywardness. Theo and Sydney come close and together they unravel the truth of the neighborhood that’s hidden for years. What’s that truth forms the rest of the story.

“My neighborhood is under siege. There’s a very good chance neither of us will make it out of this situation alive, given how much money and power are at stake.”

Upto 75% this book was more of a psychological drama with a tinge of thriller element to it. The way blacks are treated in Brooklyn, that realism hit me hard. Punch in the gut was what it was. It hurt me so much that after the garden incident shown in the book I stopped reading it. This book was hurting me. I could feel it within. More than the technicalities I could feel the emotions that the author infused in this narrative. My mind was wrapped in the world created by Cole. It was heartbreakingly beautiful. And then the rest 35% did an unthinkable flip. I felt like I was drawn in a game of Wolf 3red knocking down the bullies and conspirators. I sort of lost the connect here.

But I would certainly recommend this book for a one time read if you wanna read a good black literature.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐.5
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