What stops us from succeeding isn’t failure but not trying again. We take rejection to our heart and that leads us to our doom. Spring bouncing back from Rejection by Ambi Parameswaran speaks about rejection and how to get over it.The book is divided into 3 parts. It expands on the idea of rejection and delves into the aspects connected to rejection. It is assertive as much as affirmative. With the help of multiple case studies the author presents us the solutions to deal with rejection. The book also has many anecdotes from the author’s life. These cases and these anecdotes were sure an eye opener and quite helpful at that.Having faced multiple rejections myself I could easily resonate with the tips the author gives throughout the book. Rejections sure effect our mental health and slows down our productivity too but how far do we let it stay and sink or if we let it pass, shows our outlook towards success.Scaling the ladder without rejection is like only sunshine and no darkness. However, we often forget that it is because of the darkness that we appreciate sunshine. Had there been no dark days in our lives we wouldn’t have appreciated the happy times we lived or the memories we created. The book pointedly and repeatedly speaks about this. It also throws in jargons like Rejection processing system to help us stay focused. It speaks about introspection and CV for failures. Every chapter culminates to give us a pro-tip and the book ends with a few worksheets that will help us practically deal with rejection.Overall, this book reacquainted me with rejection and how to deal with it better. It makes for a good one time read.

Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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