A good romance and a good romcom relaxes me. It is a therapy for me. So when I picked up Second Serve by Aparna Aggarwal within a few pages I realized that this was a read I had been waiting for.

The book follows the story of Abhimanyu and Ragini. Their marriage has hit rock bottom. Abhimanyu is a youth icon, Tennis superstar of India and Ragini has been his manager. After Ragini catches Abhimanyu sleeping with a starlet she walks out of the marriage. Ragini and Abhi have been bestfriends since childhood and the void starts reflecting on Abhi’s performance. Abhi ends up injuring himself and is to operated. Upon the request of Abhi’s mother, Ragini decides to stay with Abhi and help him recuperate. But Ragini’s presence in his life brings back the zeal and enthusiasm. Abhi is convinced that he has loved Ragini all his life. They have been soulmates and he took her for granted. All he wants now is to win her back. Will he succeed in doing so, forms the rest of the story.

The book felt like a movie. It went back and forth in time maintaining the decorum and the feel. There did seem a few places where the book could have been polished better but that did not come in between how the story was having an effect on me. It was a slow burn. And considering it has two tropes clubbed into one – enemies to lovers and friends to lovers – it appealed to me more. The writing evoked number of emotions in me. If I was seething in rage for what Abhi did to Ragini I was also sorry for Abhi. I lived the story, is what I would say. This was a good romantic book I had been waiting for.

And when it comes to the story it wasn’t cliché. It tackled the ups and downs of a Tennis player and did so very well. The book however, lacked in showing that Ragini was indeed a stubborn woman because the author shows that she had her moments of weakness when it came to Abhi. This book was more about the story of an estranged couple than anything else and yet the author made it seem like a feel good romance.

For all the romance genre lovers out there, do pick up this book!

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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