Looking back I see a teenager who was absolutely fanatic about cricket. I remember the enthusiasm with which I would discuss and dissect every over. Though, with time, this craze has faded yet my admiration for the talented cricketers out there remains undiminished.

Rohit Sharma, the boy from small suburb of Mumbai, Borivali, goes on to play for India and that was the most proud moment for us all. More so because his coach Dinesh Lad is a family friend. Ever since, the curiosity to know Sharma from a close quarter has stayed and increased as much. The biography, The hitman. The Rohit Sharma story by Vijay Lokapally and G. Krishnan, ably satisfied that bug in me.

The book felt like a story infused with right amount of stats. The foreword by Yuvraj Singh gave me a glimpse of Sharma, fondly called the Don of Borivali by Yuvi, as he is inside the dressing room. The book was a step by step approach to Rohit’s ascension in the game and how he earned the appellation of The hitman. The anecdotes given by his coach, Dinesh Lad, were enough to help us understand the life of Rohit outside 22 yards. And the biographers also included bytes from his fans and prominent cricketers of our times.

Worth mentioning is the way the author duo elaborate Sharma’s style making his game seem like a knife through butter yet rugged at the same time.

“There is a certain charm about Rohit’s batting. To begin with, he defies the Bombay school of thought. He does not believe in compiling runs – he pounders them. He takes the bowlers by the scruff of their neck and dictates his terms. He is not the one to wait and strike.
….Nimble footwork and skilled wristwork….Setting a field for Rohit can prove a nightmare for any captain.”

This one was a breezy read. Quite understandable and truly meant for the fans of cricket and especially for Sharma’s fans.

With this biography Sharma comes across as an untamed horse with humungous horsepower unleashed and yet to be unleashed. He has a lot ahead of him and the future of Indian cricket is in the right hands.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher – Bloomsbury India
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