“Time has its way
A circle that was mindless
Now a straight line towards you.
Hold my hand, and walk along. Will you?”

A love story but a lyrical one, that’s difficult to come by, right? But Conversations with my love by Rajiv Kapoor is one such book.

The book is a journey of a couple from love to marriage. It elaborates the ups and downs the couple goes through, at times insane and at times saneful conversations they have, the pain, the longing. This book brings out everything that conspires between the two without giving away the names of the protagonists.

I get into books to be surprised and this book was a much pleasant surprise for me. I have read a book like this one before but this one was another experience, altogether. It infused poems and storytelling seamlessly. It touched upon various topics via the conversation between the couple- the desire, the attraction, passion, spirituality, religion, the dilemma of confession and the commitment.

The writing is very thought provoking.

“How did you start writing?” asked she, distracting me from the deliberation I gave to every drawn canvas in front. “As a mode for self-expression. Also, a means to leave behind my DNA.” Replied I.”

The language is metaphoric, it glorifies nature.

“The idea of love, to parched land As if scatter of the falling raindrops From heavens mercy to the roots To heart, fertile and sprouting joy. Minus the clatter, minus the dust, A dancing quietness, ripples in blood. I am alive. In love of raindrops.”

“You are the raindrop. Hope it rains, a bit every day.”

The book is beautiful and equally spiritual.

“Krishna, one curse ended your lineage. Let there be one blessing that starts mine. A lineage from words, that renders message that Your Flute once played. Of love, of worship.”

Overall, it was a refreshing and a delightful read.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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