Much has been written about Kalki so it is indeed a challenge if you wish to lift this humungous sword. However, Abhishek K S has not lifted this sword with quite aplomb and with enough panache in his book The sword of Kalki.

The book follows the story of Rey. He is being whisked away in a parallel world into Guru Parshuram’s ashram. In this ashram “descendants” of Gods are training for the judgement day when the last avatar of Vishnu, Kalki will step down to save the world from the wrath of iniquity. It’s unbelievable at first but soon the ashram life becomes a reality for Rey. He makes many friends there. Also, the ashram has a penultimate competition called parnayaka spardha. The winner will be declared a leader. But there is a lot that’s happening and a lot that unleashes on the day of the competition which turns around the story.

You have got to read this book to understand what exactly happens on the day of the competition. But the author has done a wonderful job by balancing the layers of the story as well as the multiple characters he introduces every step of the way. Every character, in short span, is sketched out to perfection. Every layers retains its charm.

The book is more of a teenage drama and quite sprightly at that. The narration and storytelling is top-notch.
It is peppered with pun, sarcasm and many action sequences. The character of Rey is sure to tickle your funny bone with his straight-faced humor. The world that the author creates grips you and effortlessly brings the picture alive for us, readers. In my view, this book comes closer to being Indian Harry Potter and it does an exceptional job with it.

I thoroughly enjoyed the wits, humor and adventure of Rey and look forward to read next installment of this series.

Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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