Valentine’s is just around the corner. And it will take roughly a week or so for an Amazon package to reach it’s destination. So here are some of my recommendations for your Valentine’s. This is especially important if your boyfriend or girlfriend happens to be a reader. 😁

1. Kindle

It is the most expensive yet precious gift you can give your lover. The reason being is one can store thousands of books in one device. She/he will definitely propose marriage the minute they unwrap this gift!

Which kindle to buy that certainly depends on your budget. But it is worth every penny. I own a 10th Gen 6″ Kindle. You can purchase that –

For more space you may want to go for Kindle paperwhite. The reviews of this one are real good too. You can grab one here –

2. Reading light

We love to read at night. But most often we don’t have the right kind of lighting. Parents too don’t want us reading in dim light. Amazon has just the right device for us, readers and that is this reading light. One needs to just place it on the book and viola, no straining your eyes anymore.Get yours here –

3. Book ends

Book ends make the book corner look more appealing. I recently received a pair of wooden carved book ends from a friend and I absolutely love the depth it adds to the pics.

You can grab one –

4. Book rack

Call it a book storage or a book rack somethings do add an aesthetic value to our work desk. This is one of them.Check it out-

5. Bean bag

Taken from pinterest

This may seem out of context but really it isn’t. What matters to us most is our comfort and what’s more comfy than a bean bag! Get your partner of this. 😄

6. Reading stand

I am a voracious reader and that has given me a wrecked neck. To avoid that I would recommend you get a reading stand.

7. Book carts

Book carts are in vogue. Readers often run out of space and book carts are the best solution to add those extra paperbacks and hardbacks in our libraries.

8. Mugs

Chai and books or coffee and books. This is our favorite combination. Mugs, are therefore, never flop with readers.

Picking the following that are especially designed for bookworms.

That’s it from my end. These are my gifting ideas. Got more to add to the list then pls do let me know in the comments below.

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