The other day someone from my school asked me if I had hired an image consultant. My answer was NO. The reason for him asking that was was my personality has undergone a sea change. How did you do it? He asked next. Well, for starts, it doesn’t take a lot out of you to be YOU. When you realize that you are a brand, you start aligning yourself as per your traits and that’s just about it. The evolution is bound to happen. Noted author, Mainak Dhar, in his latest release Brand new start, helps us with the concept of personal branding.

Dhar expands on the concept of creating a brand out of yourself vis-à-vis the corporate setting. Dhar maintains that the target group for this book is ‘early-career employees’ and the purpose of this book is to ‘help you (them) navigate through your (their) career.’ However, having read this book in a single sitting, I believe that the concepts explained can be applied by one and all. These concepts are born out of author’s experience. Some of the tips are quintessential and some concepts like the author’s ‘iceberg theory’ are eye-openers.

In the book, Brand new start author Mainak Dhar, explains us the step by step formula to create a brand of ourselves. The process might look simple but it is sheer hardwork and self-understanding that lies at the crux. The author stresses on the key concept of ADDA and how to achieve it.
The book highlights the rookie mistakes and explains how to avoid it.

For me this book was reexamining my preconceived notions and self-evaluation. In my view, even if you apply atleast 50 percent of what you read in this book, you are more than halfway into triumphing the brand called YOU.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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