I am done reading this book but I know for a fact that these characters, this world that author has created will stay with me for long. Tom Woolberson and the school of watchers is perhaps the first in Tom Woolberson series penned by K.J Brookes.

This story begins with the death of the protagonist, Tom Woolberson. He enters his after life and here he is admitted to St. Michael’s school of watchers. Initial obscurity soon turns into a fun adventurous ride for Tom as well as the readers. In a nutshell, it gave me Harry Potter vibes and yet this one had a distinct charm.

On more than one occasion I could feel an impact of Harry Potter on the scenes and characters. But the author has justly broughtout a whole new world of watchers, a school with teachers like Newton, Wilde, Picasso! If this premise won’t excite you then I guess nothing will. The book got me hooked. Even when I took a break from this one, the story kept coming back to me, the characters wanted to be read. This one made me laugh and left me with gooseflesh. I am hungry to read more of Tom Woolberson’s escapades in the afterworld.

This was a whole new realm that the author explored dexterously, in my view. Very carefully, intricately and seamlessly, I’d say. The drama, the chase, the thrill, the conversations, everything was sublime. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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