I feel there ought to be a genre called nostalgia because some books are nostalgia inducing. So much that you simply forget the time and place you are in and are transported back in the good old days. Homeward bound by Bhasker Malu is one such book.The book is a YA coming-of-the-age story of Aryaman. It begins with the death of Aryaman’s best friend, Dawa. Dawa has asked Aryaman to fulfill his last wish which is to go back in time once again. And so Aryaman takes it upon himself to live his childhood by penning a book about his and Dawa’s escapades.This may sound like a cliché plot but brilliant treatment and execution of even the cliché subjects makes them our favourite, isn’t it? Homeward bound was one such book. Heartwarming.It is perfectly crafted – narration, plot, characters and dialogues. It hosts powerful writing. The prologue pulled me right into the story. It left me misty-eyed and there were many places where I found myself laughing out loud at the adventures of Aryaman and his friends. It was cute to read about this bunch of boys and their boarding school days. Before this, I hadn’t an inkling about the hostel life of boys. I had heard about it from my peers but I got to peek at it closely because of Bhasker’s writing. Though the begining was heartbreaking yet the story cheered me up. The author effortlessly sucked me into the St. Michael’s of Dawa and Aryaman.This book gave me gooseflesh and left me smiling. It came close to giving me the feels of the popular serial from 90s, Hip Hip Hurray!Pick it up and read it in single sitting. Won’t disappoint.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5
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